Who We Are

Hawaiʻi Localist is a business development and marketing company ​dedicated to strengthening Hawaiʻi’s homegrown economy​.


Our Mission

Our mission is to ​expand opportunities​ for Hawaiʻi’s locally owned, independent businesses, promote fair and equitable access​ to economic resources for all residents, and ​foster sustainable business practices​ that preserve Hawaiʻi’s environment and sense of place for future generations.


Our Vision

Our vision is a diversified, inclusive, and resilient island economy that supports prosperous local communities and a healthy environment.


Our Values

Our three values (goals)—economic opportunity, shared prosperity, as well as cultural and environmental sustainability—are built into each of the following program areas:


Our Programs

Big Island Made, (additional program areas coming soon!)

What We Do

We provide valuable ​business development and marketing assets​ to Hawaiʻi’s small, locally owned businesses who typically face barriers to entry or lack financial resources to start and grow. We offer ​affordable membership-based services​ to help them become more successful, locally focused, and responsible in their business practices.


Why We Do It

A strong local economy means real prosperity and resiliency. It means relying less on foreign goods and services, empowering local people, protecting Hawaiʻi’s cultural heritage, and preserving the environment—in other words, keeping Hawaiʻi Hawaiʻi.

Join Us!

By becoming a member of Hawaiʻi Localist, you’ll join a growing hui (coalition) of entrepreneurs, innovators, investors, elected officials, and citizens who want to ensure that business serves Hawaiʻi’s communities and their interests.

We are currently looking for community partners and businesses who are interested in joining once our website is fully operational (coming soon!). Contact us at info@hawaiilocalist.com if you have any questions, feedback, if you’re interested in joining or supporting us!